I’m really pleased to have joined this Conservative grassroots campaign. To be honest Boris has been clear with his plan to deliver a proper Brexit. That said I know a number of people are casting assertions to say otherwise. By signing this pledge I am making it crystal clear what a vote for me will mean.

“I’m delighted to pledge to #STANDUP4BREXIT. When the party Chairman’s office called me I also made it clear there are no circumstances I would vote to extend any transition period. We need to get Brexit done and move on.” – Steven Galton

We need to get Brexit done. It’s a question of honesty, MPs from all parties promised to implement our decision.

It isn’t a question of leave (how I voted) or remain, it’s about doing what was promised. We can then move on to:

Strengthening Our NHS

Trust me, I know the value of our NHS. I’m living with Crohn’s disease and my wife works for the NHS.

As your MP I will ALWAYS protect and champion our NHS.

Bringing New Energy & Enthusiasm

Born in Southampton 41 years ago and a Millbrook Councillor with a track record of getting results locally for us all.

From safeguarding our environment to tackling crime, your priorities are my priorities!