At September’s full Council meeting Steven Galton presented a motion in an attempt to show the City’s support for resolving the Brexit situation by 31st October.

“This Council recognises the negative impact failing to leave the EU had in March and April; both to local business decision making and to the confidence of our residents in the democratic process and as such Council expressly believes the UK should now leave the EU on or before the 31st October, deal or no deal, to finally recognise one of our largest ever democratic votes that saw 17,410,742 vote to leave the EU.” – Councillor Steven Galton

During the meeting we heard many excellent speeches from the Conservative group. The Labour leader spoke on behalf of the Labour group – who all voted against this motion. Labour made it clear they saw trying to ensure Brexit was decided by 31st October as “madness”.

Brexit Update October 2019

Since we originally published this article parliament forced the Government to seek an extension as they refused to back Boris’ deal – a deal the opposition said he couldn’t and wouldn’t get.

We still have a parliament refusing to back a deal and refusing to hold a general election.