Churches Together put a very good event on, so many thanks to all involved. I do think it is important for people to hear and listen to all candidates; so you can get to know exactly who you will be electing and how they fit in to their party and suit you personally.

“This was a very good event, with an excellent turnout. I have only done a couple of these now as a Parliamentary Candidate and I hope they are helping you to decide how to vote here in Southampton Test.” – Steven Galton

The full debate is above, and my responses are at the following times:

Intro & Private Members Bill = 9m 55s

Q1 Ideal Brexit and where would you deviate from the party whip = 22m 11s

Q2 US food standards having to be part of a trade deal. What would I compromise on = 30m 18s

Q3 Serious funding shortfalls in Schools & School Cuts pledge = 37m 56s

Q4 Climate Change. What would you do for poorer communities and for domestic and transport related policies = 46m 37s

Q5 High rate of hospital admissions related to poor local air quality. What would you do = 56m 03s

Q6 Mental Health support and 18 month CAMS waiting time = 1h 03m 53s

Q7 Social Care investment = 1h 11m 16s

Q8 Inequality and high interest high street loans = 1h 18m 35s

Q9 Decriminalising abortion = 1h 25m 50s