Many questioned and derided Boris Johnson and the Conservatives when we said we would re-negotiate and get a deal. Boris and team have managed this despite the shenanigans and lack of belief of these others.

“I’ve always been clear I wanted a fair deal over no deal. What I have read so far confirms we #TakeBackControl and importantly can now #GetBrexitDone as promised.” – Steven Galton

It is now time for parliament to enact the result of the EU referendum on Saturday and finally we can get #Brexit done!

Finally just look what Boris and team have done in just a few months against the naysayers. Now imagine what more we could achieve, in areas like the Enviornment and the NHS, with a parliamentary majority…

Time for change

Steve will be working incredibly hard to earn your support and trust. It is time for change locally. By electing Steve you will be electing a local champion and someone who will fully respect the EU Referendum result and seek a fair deal for both the UK and the EU.