There has been much reporting in the newspapers and online that the Conservatives are pushing the 12th December as an election date because students would have returned home for Christmas.

“It is absolute nonsense to claim any student is being denied a chance to vote. Even if they did return home, they could still vote there or return for the day to Southampton – no one is stripping their right to vote” – Steven Galton

I have seen a number of posts around the proposed general election date of 12th December being planned purely to prevent students from voting.

Let’s just ignore the fact this is nonsense in itself as everyone still has the chance to vote, including by postal vote in advance of polling day and just for a minute assume students would only want to vote in Southampton.

Both Southampton Universities Advertise Christmas Break After 12th December!

The good news is both Solent University and Southampton University are advertising 14th December as their official Christmas break date, so there are no issues with anyone being around.

As I’ve said elsewhere on these pages, I have no problem with making the Conservative argument to anyone. I will do my best to show why a Conservative approach, with my new energy and enthusiasm, is needed here in Southampton Test.