It is obvious to anyone who has lived a few years – Labour love to create new taxes and raise them; the Conservatives like to cut taxes.

Our philosophy is simple – it’s your money and you should know how best to spend it, not the state!

“There is only one party that can manage the economy, ensure investment in our valuable public services and make cutting taxes for people like all of us a priority!” – Steven Galton, Southampton Test Conservative Candidate

Please don’t risk it all under a hard left, Corbyn led Labour Government.

There could be no scarier Friday the 13th than PM Corbyn entering 10 Downing Street – the real nightmare before Christmas…

The Cost of Corbyn

If you want to see how Labour will make you pay more – as usual – then please check out .

Labour have announced staggering spending plans of £1.2 TRILLION and you will be made to pay the price…