Last week we were joined in Southampton by Sajid Javid – the Chancellor of the Exchequer.

We heard some great things about what would be in our Manifesto and it didn’t disappoint this week!

“It was my passion for the Environment that got me involved in politics almost a decade ago. To now be standing as a Conservative candidate in my home constituency, Southampton Test is an honour. If elected I feel I could really achieve so much more for us locally as an MP.” – Steven Galton

I’m proud that as Conservatives we will be prioritising the environment in the next Budget, investing in the infrastructure, science and research that will deliver economic growth, not just through the 2020s, but for decades to come.

Above all, we will listen to the people who have felt left behind by the last few decades of economic growth and want to have more control of their future.

We will get Brexit done, so we can unleash Britain’s potential.

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