As we near the general election on Thursday 12th December we are finding more and more lifelong labour voters, like Steve Bowey, who are planning to back Steven Galton and Conservatives here in Southampton Test.

“As a lifelong Labour voter I will be backing Steve on 12th December and would ask you to do the same.

Labour MPs know Corbyn is not fit to lead – but it’s more than that; Steve has a proven track record of providing action not talk.

We need his new energy & enthusiasm!” – Steve Bowey, ex Gas man from Coxford

There is a reason so many former Labour MPs and lifelong Labour voters are not only deserting the party, but are actively saying to back Boris and the Conservatives in the upcoming election.

They know this is not their traditional Labour party. The values being pushed by the hard left at the top of the party will not result in the sort of Country any of us wants to see.

Back Boris – Get Brexit Done

There is also the matter of Labour’s Brexit position. They continue to try and appear if they are straddling the fence; attempting to appeal to leave and remain voters at the same time.

But THEY KNOW that their plans to overturn Brexit are not what you want, and they’re hoping that you won’t notice.

Labour are trying to take their traditional voters for fools, and we shouldn’t let them get away with it.