There are now multiple independent tactical voting sites saying if you want to see Brexit delivered then the tactical pro Brexit, party candidate choice here in Southampton Test is me, Steven Galton.

“The remain side of the EU referendum argument are being very organised and tactical when it comes to voting in December’s General Election. If you are thinking of voting tactically, to ensure our vote for Leave is respected, then it is clear the only choice in Southampton Test is me, Steven Galton.”

Don’t just take our word for the fact we are the best and only option if you want to elect an MP who will respect the leave vote here in Southampton Test. You can look at the tactical voting sites and social media accounts – based only on national polling it is clear ONLY the Conservatives can beat Labour here in Southampton Test.

It is crucial to get this message out and shared with everyone locally who finally wants their leave vote to be respected and enacted!

Pro Brexit, Party Vote Recommendation –

This is the latest tactical voting website to recommend the Conservatives as the pro Brexit, party vote here in Southampton Test.

Click here to see the recommendation on for Southampton Test

Other sources

There are a number of other election predictors and tactical voting sites out there. Below we list just some of these suggested tactical votes and also just general result predictions, based on current national polling.

It is worth remembering, many of these sites base assumptions only on national polls and previous results. They do not take account of local factors. Here in Southampton Test I have a long record of local action and getting results.

In all previous local elections I have had stand out election results. My personal vote has always been higher than comparable Conservative candidates votes in similar seats. We can do this here in Southampton Test!

Electoral Calculus Predictions