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About Steven Galton

Conservative Candidate for Southampton Test and local Councillor for the Millbrook Ward, Southampton. The recommended pro Brexit, party candidate choice for tactical leave voting in Southampton Test.

Lifelong Labour voters are backing Steven Galton locally

As we near the general election on Thursday 12th December we are finding more and more lifelong labour voters, like Steve Bowey, who are planning to back Steven Galton and Conservatives here in Southampton Test. "As a lifelong Labour voter I will be backing Steve on 12th December and would ask

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Sajid Javid Visits Southampton

Last week we were joined in Southampton by Sajid Javid - the Chancellor of the Exchequer. We heard some great things about what would be in our Manifesto and it didn't disappoint this week! "It was my passion for the Environment that got me involved in politics almost a

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Churches Together – Shirley Question Time hustings event

Churches Together put a very good event on, so many thanks to all involved. I do think it is important for people to hear and listen to all candidates; so you can get to know exactly who you will be electing and how they fit in to their party and suit you personally.

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Steve Visits Abu Bakr Mosque in Argyle Road, Southampton

I was honoured and humbled to be invited to the Abu Bakr Mosque in Argyle road. It was a pleasure to observe prayers and then have the chance to address the congregation as their potential next MP for Southampton Test. "We are living in a difficult global situation, but

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Get Brexit Done – Steven Galton the Pro Brexit, Party Candidate for Southampton Test

There are now multiple independent tactical voting sites saying if you want to see Brexit delivered then the tactical pro Brexit, party candidate choice here in Southampton Test is me, Steven Galton. "The remain side of the EU referendum argument are being very organised and tactical when it comes

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Steven Galton Pledges to #STANDUP4BREXIT

I'm really pleased to have joined this Conservative grassroots campaign. To be honest Boris has been clear with his plan to deliver a proper Brexit. That said I know a number of people are casting assertions to say otherwise. By signing this pledge I am making it crystal clear what a vote for me

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James Cleverly, Conservative Party Chairman, Visits Southampton

This week the Conservative Party Chairman, James Cleverly, made a visit to Southampton. Whilst here he spoke with Steven Galton our Southampton Test candidate for December 12th's General Election. "This was a chance for me to champion the work of local Conservatives here in Southampton Test to our fantastic

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Plenty of Conservative Support in Southampton Test

Steven Galton and his teams have been out all across Southampton Test this week. We are spreading a positive "Can do" message for our future. Steve is bringing his new energy and enthusiasm to a doorstep near you. This election is crucial to end the parliamentary paralysis and to ensure we can go forward

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